2013 – The Year in Vinyl

anna calvi 1 anna calvi 2 blind willie mctell 2 blind willie mctell 3 captain beefheart charley patton 2 charley patton 3 detroit cobras 1 detroit cobras 2 detroit cobras 3 flat duo jets fred mcdowell hmbsms iron & wine john fahey junior wellskelley stoltz lightnin' hopkins mississippi sheiks 2 mississippi sheiks 3 nathaniel mayer 1 nathaniel mayer 2 robert johnson seasick steve 1 seasick steve 2 seasick steve live skip james the black keys the black lips the growlers the kills live the raconteurs live the shins live white denim beck brittany howard & ruby amanfu jack white the dead weather the underwear heads the white stripes

Vinyl purchased from August to December, new and old music.

Anna Calvi — Selftitled & One Breath
Blind Willie McTell — The Complete Recorded Work In Chronological Order Vol. 2 & 3
Captain  Beefheart — Safe As Milk (Mono)
Charley Patton — The Complete Recorded Work In Chronological Order Vol. 2 & 3
Detroit Cobras — Life, Love And Leaving, Mink Rat Or Rabbit & The Original Recordings
Flat Duo Jets — Go Go Harlem Baby
Mississippi Fred McDowell — Mama Says I’m Crazy
He’s My Brother She’s My Sister — Nobody Dances In This Town
Iron & Wine — Woman King E.P.
John Fahey — The New Possibility
Junior Wells — Hoodoo Man Blues
Kelley Stoltz — Double Exposure
Lightnin’ Hopkins — Bring Me My Shotgun
The Mississippi Sheiks — The Complete Recorded Work In Chronological Order Vol. 2 & 3
Nathaniel Mayer — Why Don’t You Give It To Me? & Why Won’t You Let Me Be Black?
Robert Johnson — King Of The Delta Blues Singers
Seasick Steve — You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks, Hubcap Music & Live at Third Man Records
Skip James — The Complete Early Recordings -1930
The Black Keys — Attack And Release
The Black Lips — Live at Third Man Records
The Growlers — Gilded Pleasures
The Kills — Live at Third Man Records
The Raconteurs — Live at The Ryman Auditorium Double LP
The Shins — Live at Third Man Records
White Denim — Corsicana Lemonade
Beck – I Just Started Hating Some People Today 7″
Brittany Howard & Ruby Amanfu – I Wonder 7″
Jack White – I’m Shakin’ 7″
Rockfire Funk Express – People Save The World 7″
The Dead Weather – Open Up (That’s Enough) 7″
The Underwear Heads – Tangmania E.P. 7″
The White Stripes – Hand Springs 7″
The Rise And Fall Of Paramount Records 1917-1927, Volume 1.

One thought on “2013 – The Year in Vinyl

  1. Es lebe der gute alte Weihnachtsbaum und ein Hoch auf die jungen Leute, die ihn auch noch lieben!! Besonders schön: der geheimnisvolle Blick durchs Schlüsselloch auf das schimmernde Gebilde.

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