New England (Intro)

In April, I spent three weeks in New England. It’s my girlfriend’s homeland, and she’s in constant love with it. Except for two pretty short visits to Boston I had never really seen this part of the U.S. On this past trip, I was finally able to correct that. Except for the state of Connecticut I’ve gone to all of them: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Maine. I haven’t decided yet which one I like best, but I’d definitely come back to all five.

I flew into the Boston Logan International Airport, which is always fun. Since planes approach the landing runway from the sea, there’s no obstacles such as trees or high buildings in their way. Therefor landing at Logan is smoother than at most other Airports I’ve been flown to, because the plane can approach the runway at a pretty flat angle. This also has the cool side effect that when you look out the window right before landing it feels like you’re going to touch down on water.

Since I’m too lazy to write* down all my adventures and encounters, I decided to post a section of photos from the trip. It’ll be a two part series, of which the first part covers locations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, whereas part two shows images from Boston and Providence. When looking at them, I hope you get a hint of that feeling one gets when flying into Boston; it’s smooth, yet exciting.

*German adjective: schreibfaul (from schreiben = to write + faul = lazy).

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