St. Louis, Missouri

A short trip to St. Louis, Missouri. This is how it could look like…


Check in to the quirky, slightly run down, but characteristic hostel in the historic Soulard neighborhood.


The first day, have a delicious breakfast at Mud House on Cherokee Street, in the just as stylish Benton Park neighborhood.

After browsing through a couple of antique stores on Cherokee Street, head for The Loop. Go to Vintage Vinyl, and keep browsing. Have a White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake at Blueberry Hill. And another cup of coffee.IMG_1517

Listen to Chuck Berry on the other side of the street. Notice the St. Louis Walk of Fame, and don’t forget to take a picture.IMG_1450

Then, it’s time to go and see the Gateway Arch. Check the hours before you get there.IMG_1484

Walk through it, turn around…IMG_1472 - Version 2

… and have a look at the Old Courthouse from the shore of the Mississippi River.IMG_1516

Go back to the Hostel and play some piano. Alternatively, don’t play it, but tune it.IMG_1515

Have a cup of tea in the kitchen. Bring your own mug.IMG_1483

Have dinner at Joannie’s Pizzeria just two blocks away. Do not take photos at restaurants, or at least not of the food you ordered. Please.

Day 2: Pass by the Anheuser-Busch headquarters and packaging plant on your way to Benton Park.IMG_1496 - Version 2

Find another great place to get a huge cup of coffee, two eggs w/ bacon and two immense pancakes with sirup that fills the room with sweet sugary aroma.IMG_1513

Then, go back home. Or stay a little bit longer? In either case, call St. Louis, MO, one of your favorite cities in the U.S.

2 thoughts on “St. Louis, Missouri

    • Ja, ist es echt. Leider war so gut wie alles geschlossen wegen des Wetters, d.h. alle öffentlichen Museen und der Gateway Arch. Da wär ich natürlich sonst hochgefahren. Aber vielleicht schaff ich’s ja noch mal dahin im Sommer.

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